The Omega Speedmaster Gemini V: Paving the way for the moon landing

This Speedmaster pays tribute to that space mission carried out by L.Gordon Cooper and Charles “Pete” Conrad from the 21st till the 29th of August 1965.

This mission was vital for the moon landing that was yet to happen some years later, as it aimed to test new fuel cells, run experiments and show that astronauts could survive for the duration needed in order to fly to the moon and back – which was eight days. The Gemini 5 doubled the space-flight record of the Gemini 4 mission to these eight days, proving to be a success.

This was the first NASA mission to have an insignia patch, which was designed by the astronauts themselves. The insignia features a Conestoga wagon, the mission designation (“Gemini 5”) and the astronauts names. On the patches worn by Cooper and Conrad a thin piece of hastily-added cloth was added with the inscription “8 Days or Bust.” This detail of the insignia was objected by NASA, as it was felt to but too much emphasis on the length of the mission and not on the other experiments.