The Omega Speedmaster Gemini X: Space Rendezvous

This Omega Speedmaster Gemini X from the Missions Collection pays tribute to the space mission carried out between the 18th and 21st of July 1966 by Michael Collins and John W. Young. This mission was designed to achieve rendezvous in space, in which two space crafts arrive at the same orbit at a very close distance, as well as to successfully dock and carry out extravehicular activity.

The Gemini 10 first docked with the Agena booster in low orbit and then rendezvoused with the deserted Agena left over from the aborted Gemini 8 flight, proving the ability to rendezvous with a passive object. During this mission, Collins spacewalked to the dormant Agena, making him the first person to spacewalk to another spacecraft in orbit. During this walk, his Hasselblad camera drifted away in space, so he was unable to take photos of this legendary spacewalk. This mission was also the first time that the Agena would fire its own rocket, allowing the astronauts to reach higher orbits.