The Omega Speedmaster Skylab I: 11,5 Million Miles

This Omega Speedmaster Skylab I from the Missions Collection commemorates the first manned mission that rendezvoused with the Skylab space station on the fifth orbit. Skylab was the first space station launched by NASA and a very important precursor for International Space Station. During its launch on May 14, 1973, the station lost its sun shade and one of its main solar panels.

The Skylab I mission carrying the astronauts Charles Conrad, Joseph P. Kerwin and Paul J. Weitz was carried out between May 25 and June 22, 1973. After first making substantial repairs to Skylab, including deploying a parasol sunshade to cool the inside temperatures, the crew conducted solar astronomy, earth resources and medical experiments. The mission travelled a total of 11.5 million miles and doubled the previous length of time in space. The mission’s emblem featured on the dial of this rare Omega wrist watch includes a depiction of the famous orbital space station.