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Your ring will shine like new

A wedding ring will accompany you for a life time. Over time, even the most precious metals such as gold or platinum are subject to some wear and tear. Everyday activities like cooking, gardening or cleaning may also leave fine traces of soap, dust or hand cream on your ring that can reduce the sparkle of diamonds or other precious stones. Our goldsmiths use professional ultrasonic and steam cleaning methods to ensure that your piece of jewellery will once again shine as brightly as it did on the very first day.

In our in-house atelier we employ eight highly qualified goldsmiths with many years of experience. By using cutting edge techniques and technology, we are able to guarantee the best possible service for your jewellery.

We offer the following services free of charge for Lohri wedding rings
Professional ultrasonic cleaning
Professional cleaning using steam pressure
Basic polishing (excl. rhodium plating)
Expert inspection of stone settings

We offer the following fee-based services:
Rhodium plating
Jewellery modification/reworking
Other repairs