Everlasting treasures for generations

A love for the diverse wonders of nature and a flair for exclusive rarities have made the Lohri Family avid stone collectors. Consequently, we have a great amount of knowledge in this field, which we enjoy sharing with our customers.

A unique collection of aquamarines

Thanks to long-standing and respectable contacts, we were able to acquire a unique collection of Santa Maria aquamarines originating from the now-exhausted Santa Maria mine in Brazil. These extremely rare stones captivate the eye with the most intense blue ever found in aquamarines. A further selection of highly rare gemstones from various exhausted mines completes our one-of-a-kind range of precious stones. These gems of outstanding quality in clarity, size and colour, can be delicately set to create your absolute favourite piece of jewellery.

rare gemstones Santa Maria Aquamarines