The Omega Memomatic: for punctual watch enthusiasts

Omega watches from the 70s are much sought-after by collectors. Often, the focus is on the Speedmaster models or some of the diving watches. However, there are other rarities that are well-known by passionate collectors and definitely worth taking a closer look at.

A good example here is the Omega Memomatic from the Seamaster family. The watch was first launched in the early 70s and still remains true eye candy thanks to its robust design. It was produced in four different versions and in a total of around 35’000 pieces. The constructor of this timepiece, Raoul- Henri Erard, was the mind behind the caliber 980. This movement was a world novelty for alarm watches at the time, because it contained only one barrel, while still ensuring that the watch functioned accurately. To set the alarm off once, only one turn of the barrel is needed. After one hour of wearing the watch, the automatic winding movement produces enough power for the alarm to be set off again. If the alarm is needed before that, it is necessary to wind the watch manually by the crown. Another world debut of this watch was that it allowed for the alarm to be set precisely to the minute. For this reason, there are two discs on the dial, one with a triangle to set the hours, the other one with two parallel lines to set the minutes. This feature also gives the watch its distinguished and chic look.

Because the Memomatic belongs to the Seamaster family, it has a waterproof case and can withstand a pressure of 30 bar. Because of the waterproof casing, however, the alarm is not very loud. This is why the watch was originally advertised as a ‘reminder watch rather than an alarm watch to wake up to in the morning. To quote the original Omega commercial: «For although it rings like a miniature alarm clock, it rings discreetly to remind you of your next appointment – until you shut it off with a push-button control. So when it happens during a meeting your colleagues won’t fall out of their chairs. They will, on the other hand, begin to see you as a man to whom the minutes count. »