Everlasting treasures: Precious gemstones exhibition, Nov 23 – Dec 31, 2018

Just in time for the Christmas season, we will be showcasing an exhibition of rare and precious stones. We invite you to come by and admire these wonders of nature, which also make the perfect gift, whether small or large.

On a journey through the world, we will discover various gemstones, from the delicate variations of beryl to the fiery mandarin garnet or the endlessly scintillating diamond.

We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom at Neugasse 9!
Messika Collier Austral Amélie Morganit Amélie Saphir Franco Lohri Aquamarin Franco Lohri Mandarin-Granat  Franco Lohri Turmalin Franco Lohri Smaragd